photo of Tish Tish, laughing in Burger King Hello, my name is Tish and I'm happy you stopped by for a visit. I am a woman proud to be 74 years old, a working woman, a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother; an artist, a writer of stories and poetry. I love my wonderful family and friends and I love my life...every blessed moment of it.
In this place, I hope that females of all ages will find encouragement and inspiration to revel in their own lives of being Divinely Female, so please join me in this exciting and joyful adventure and be part of Women On The Grid and proudly show your face to the world!
Below are some of my creative projects:
My autobiography, entitled "Tishie, A Child of Texas" which tells the story of my childhood, living in the Oddfellows and Rebekahs Home for Children in Corsicana, Texas.
eBook review in Corsicana Daily Sun Explore Magazine, February 2011 issue - Click on the forward arrow to page 22.
For the dear readers who already have the eBbook... as promised at the end of it, all of my personal and historic pictures of that time can be seen here. (There were too many to publish in the book.) Because I want to share my book with anyone who wants to read it, please click here for a free copy to read online. I hope you enjoy it.
Old family photos of those who came before me.
Family Females Quilt made from photos of the females in my family. (The quilt, of course, is virtual.)
My YouTube video entitled "The One Hat Society" featuring my collection of animal statues.
YouTube video of Orphans Home Waltz courtesy of Verdie Cook.
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